FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
switch_core_timer.c File Reference
#include <switch.h>
#include "private/switch_core_pvt.h"
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switch_status_t switch_core_timer_init (switch_timer_t *timer, const char *timer_name, int interval, int samples, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
 Request a timer handle using given time module. More...
switch_status_t switch_core_timer_next (switch_timer_t *timer)
 Wait for one cycle on an existing timer. More...
switch_status_t switch_core_timer_step (switch_timer_t *timer)
 Step the timer one step. More...
switch_status_t switch_core_timer_sync (switch_timer_t *timer)
switch_status_t switch_core_timer_check (switch_timer_t *timer, switch_bool_t step)
 Check if the current step has been exceeded. More...
switch_status_t switch_core_timer_destroy (switch_timer_t *timer)
 Destroy an allocated timer. More...