FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Brought To You By APR
 Memory Pool Functions
 String Handling funcions
 Time Routines
 Thread Mutex Routines
 Multi-Threaded Adtomic Operations Routines
 Thread Read/Write lock Routines
 Condition Variable Routines
 UUID Handling
 Thread Safe FIFO bounded queue
 File I/O Handling Functions
 File Seek Flags
 File Permissions flags
 File Lock Types
 File Open Flags/Routines
 Threads and Process Functions
 Network Routines
 IP Protocol Definitions for use when creating sockets
 Poll Routines
 Core Library
 Buffer Routines
 Caller Identity / Dialplan
 Channel Functions
 Config File Parser
 Media Bugs
 Port Allocation
 Read/Write Locking
 State Handlers
 Memory Pooling/Allocation
 Session Creation / Management
 Hash Functions
 Timer Functions
 Codec Functions
 Database Functions
 File Functions
 ASR/TTS Functions
 Directory Service Functions
 Eventing Engine
 IVR Library
 IVR Menu Library
 LIMIT code
 Loadable Module Functions
 Logger Routines
 NAT code
 Audio Resample Functions
 RTP (RealTime Transport Protocol)
 STUN code
 XML Library Functions
 Brought To You By SQLite
 Database Routines
 Regular Expressions