FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
switch_regex.c File Reference
#include <switch.h>
#include <pcre.h>
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switch_regex_tswitch_regex_compile (const char *pattern, int options, const char **errorptr, int *erroroffset, const unsigned char *tables)
int switch_regex_copy_substring (const char *subject, int *ovector, int stringcount, int stringnumber, char *buffer, int size)
void switch_regex_free (void *data)
int switch_regex_perform (const char *field, const char *expression, switch_regex_t **new_re, int *ovector, uint32_t olen)
void switch_perform_substitution (switch_regex_t *re, int match_count, const char *data, const char *field_data, char *substituted, switch_size_t len, int *ovector)
void switch_capture_regex (switch_regex_t *re, int match_count, const char *field_data, int *ovector, const char *var, switch_cap_callback_t callback, void *user_data)
switch_status_t switch_regex_match_partial (const char *target, const char *expression, int *partial)
 Function to evaluate an expression against a string. More...
switch_status_t switch_regex_match (const char *target, const char *expression)
 Function to evaluate an expression against a string. More...
void switch_regex_set_var_callback (const char *var, const char *val, void *user_data)
void switch_regex_set_event_header_callback (const char *var, const char *val, void *user_data)