FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
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#define SWITCH_FOPEN_READ   0x00001
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_WRITE   0x00002
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_CREATE   0x00004
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_APPEND   0x00008
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_TRUNCATE   0x00010
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_BINARY   0x00020
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_EXCL   0x00040
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_BUFFERED   0x00080
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_XTHREAD   0x00200
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_SHARELOCK   0x00400
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_NOCLEANUP   0x00800
#define SWITCH_FOPEN_LARGEFILE   0x04000

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_APPEND   0x00008

Append to the end of the file

Definition at line 772 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_BINARY   0x00020

Open the file in binary mode

Definition at line 774 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_BUFFERED   0x00080

Open the file for buffered I/O

Definition at line 776 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_CREATE   0x00004

Create the file if not there

Definition at line 771 of file switch_apr.h.

Referenced by main().


Delete the file after close

Definition at line 777 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_EXCL   0x00040

Open should fail if APR_CREATE and file exists.

Definition at line 775 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_LARGEFILE   0x04000

Platform dependent flag to enable large file support

Definition at line 782 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_NOCLEANUP   0x00800

Do not register a cleanup when the file is opened

Definition at line 780 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_READ   0x00001

Open the file for reading

Definition at line 769 of file switch_apr.h.

Referenced by main().


Advisory flag that this file should support apr_socket_sendfile operation

Definition at line 781 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_SHARELOCK   0x00400

Platform dependent support for higher level locked read/write access to support writes across process/machines

Definition at line 779 of file switch_apr.h.

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_TRUNCATE   0x00010

Open the file and truncate to 0 length

Definition at line 773 of file switch_apr.h.

Referenced by main().

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_WRITE   0x00002

Open the file for writing

Definition at line 770 of file switch_apr.h.

Referenced by main().

#define SWITCH_FOPEN_XTHREAD   0x00200

Platform dependent tag to open the file for use across multiple threads

Definition at line 778 of file switch_apr.h.