FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
Data Fields
payload_map_s Struct Reference

#include <switch_types.h>

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Data Fields

switch_media_type_t type
switch_sdp_type_t sdp_type
uint32_t ptime
uint32_t rate
uint8_t allocated
uint8_t negotiated
uint8_t current
unsigned long hash
char * rm_encoding
char * iananame
char * modname
switch_payload_t pt
unsigned long rm_rate
unsigned long adv_rm_rate
uint32_t codec_ms
uint32_t bitrate
char * rm_fmtp
switch_payload_t agreed_pt
switch_payload_t recv_pt
char * fmtp_out
char * remote_sdp_ip
switch_port_t remote_sdp_port
int channels
int adv_channels
struct payload_map_snext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2510 of file switch_types.h.

Field Documentation

int payload_map_s::adv_channels
unsigned long payload_map_s::adv_rm_rate
switch_payload_t payload_map_s::agreed_pt
uint8_t payload_map_s::allocated
uint32_t payload_map_s::bitrate
int payload_map_s::channels
uint32_t payload_map_s::codec_ms
uint8_t payload_map_s::current
char* payload_map_s::fmtp_out
unsigned long payload_map_s::hash

Definition at line 2518 of file switch_types.h.

Referenced by switch_core_media_add_payload_map(), and switch_rtp_write_frame().

char* payload_map_s::iananame
char* payload_map_s::modname
uint8_t payload_map_s::negotiated
struct payload_map_s* payload_map_s::next
switch_payload_t payload_map_s::pt
uint32_t payload_map_s::ptime

Definition at line 2513 of file switch_types.h.

Referenced by switch_core_media_add_payload_map().

uint32_t payload_map_s::rate
switch_payload_t payload_map_s::recv_pt
char* payload_map_s::remote_sdp_ip
switch_port_t payload_map_s::remote_sdp_port
char* payload_map_s::rm_encoding
char* payload_map_s::rm_fmtp
unsigned long payload_map_s::rm_rate
switch_sdp_type_t payload_map_s::sdp_type

Definition at line 2512 of file switch_types.h.

Referenced by switch_core_media_add_payload_map().

switch_media_type_t payload_map_s::type

Definition at line 2511 of file switch_types.h.

Referenced by switch_core_media_add_payload_map().

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