FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
Data Fields
switch_core_session_message Struct Reference

A message object designed to allow unlike technologies to exchange data. More...

#include <switch_core.h>

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Data Fields

char * from
switch_core_session_message_types_t message_id
int numeric_arg
const char * string_arg
switch_size_t string_arg_size
void * pointer_arg
switch_size_t pointer_arg_size
int numeric_reply
char * string_reply
switch_size_t string_reply_size
void * pointer_reply
switch_size_t pointer_reply_size
switch_core_session_message_flag_t flags
const char * _file
const char * _func
int _line
const char * string_array_arg [MESSAGE_STRING_ARG_MAX]
time_t delivery_time

Detailed Description

A message object designed to allow unlike technologies to exchange data.

Definition at line 177 of file switch_core.h.

Field Documentation

const char* switch_core_session_message::_file
const char* switch_core_session_message::_func
int switch_core_session_message::_line
time_t switch_core_session_message::delivery_time

Definition at line 210 of file switch_core.h.

switch_core_session_message_flag_t switch_core_session_message::flags

message flags

Definition at line 205 of file switch_core.h.

char* switch_core_session_message::from
switch_core_session_message_types_t switch_core_session_message::message_id
int switch_core_session_message::numeric_arg
int switch_core_session_message::numeric_reply

optional numeric reply

Definition at line 195 of file switch_core.h.

void* switch_core_session_message::pointer_arg

optional arbitrary pointer arg

Definition at line 190 of file switch_core.h.

Referenced by handle_ice(), switch_core_session_free_message(), and switch_ivr_parse_signal_data().

switch_size_t switch_core_session_message::pointer_arg_size

optional arbitrary pointer arg's size

Definition at line 192 of file switch_core.h.

void* switch_core_session_message::pointer_reply

optional arbitrary pointer reply

Definition at line 201 of file switch_core.h.

switch_size_t switch_core_session_message::pointer_reply_size

optional arbitrary pointer reply's size

Definition at line 203 of file switch_core.h.

const char* switch_core_session_message::string_arg
switch_size_t switch_core_session_message::string_arg_size

optional string arg

Definition at line 188 of file switch_core.h.

const char* switch_core_session_message::string_array_arg[MESSAGE_STRING_ARG_MAX]
char* switch_core_session_message::string_reply

optional string reply

Definition at line 197 of file switch_core.h.

switch_size_t switch_core_session_message::string_reply_size

optional string reply

Definition at line 199 of file switch_core.h.

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