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Data Fields
switch_event Struct Reference

Representation of an event. More...

#include <switch_event.h>

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Data Fields

switch_event_types_t event_id
switch_priority_t priority
char * owner
char * subclass_name
char * body
void * bind_user_data
void * event_user_data
unsigned long key
struct switch_eventnext
int flags

Detailed Description

Representation of an event.

Definition at line 80 of file switch_event.h.

Field Documentation

void* switch_event::bind_user_data

user data from the subclass provider

Definition at line 96 of file switch_event.h.

Referenced by event_handler().

char* switch_event::body

the body of the event

Definition at line 94 of file switch_event.h.

Referenced by switch_event_destroy().

switch_event_types_t switch_event::event_id
void* switch_event::event_user_data

user data from the event sender

Definition at line 98 of file switch_event.h.

int switch_event::flags

Definition at line 102 of file switch_event.h.

switch_event_header_t* switch_event::headers
unsigned long switch_event::key

unique key

Definition at line 100 of file switch_event.h.

switch_event_header_t* switch_event::last_header

the event headers tail pointer

Definition at line 92 of file switch_event.h.

Referenced by switch_event_base_add_header().

struct switch_event* switch_event::next
char* switch_event::owner

the owner of the event

Definition at line 86 of file switch_event.h.

switch_priority_t switch_event::priority

the priority of the event

Definition at line 84 of file switch_event.h.

char* switch_event::subclass_name

the subclass of the event

Definition at line 88 of file switch_event.h.

Referenced by switch_event_destroy(), and switch_events_match().

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