FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
Data Fields
switch_frame Struct Reference

An abstraction of a data frame. More...

#include <switch_frame.h>

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Data Fields

const char * source
void * packet
uint32_t packetlen
void * extra_data
void * data
uint32_t datalen
uint32_t buflen
uint32_t samples
uint32_t rate
uint32_t channels
switch_payload_t payload
uint32_t timestamp
uint16_t seq
uint32_t ssrc
switch_bool_t m
switch_frame_flag_t flags
void * user_data

Detailed Description

An abstraction of a data frame.

Definition at line 43 of file switch_frame.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t switch_frame::buflen
uint32_t switch_frame::channels
switch_codec_t* switch_frame::codec
void* switch_frame::data
uint32_t switch_frame::datalen
void* switch_frame::extra_data

the extra frame data

Definition at line 53 of file switch_frame.h.

Referenced by find_free_frame(), and switch_frame_buffer_free().

switch_frame_flag_t switch_frame::flags
switch_image_t* switch_frame::img
switch_bool_t switch_frame::m
void* switch_frame::packet
uint32_t switch_frame::packetlen

the size of the raw packet when applicable

Definition at line 51 of file switch_frame.h.

Referenced by find_free_frame(), switch_ivr_delay_echo(), video_bug_thread(), video_helper_thread(), and video_write_thread().

switch_payload_t switch_frame::payload
payload_map_t* switch_frame::pmap

Definition at line 76 of file switch_frame.h.

Referenced by find_free_frame(), and switch_frame_dup().

uint32_t switch_frame::rate
uint32_t switch_frame::samples
uint16_t switch_frame::seq
const char* switch_frame::source

the originating source of the frame

Definition at line 47 of file switch_frame.h.

uint32_t switch_frame::ssrc
uint32_t switch_frame::timestamp
void* switch_frame::user_data

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