FreeSWITCH API Documentation  1.7.0
Data Fields
switch_xml_config_item Struct Reference

A configuration instruction read by switch_xml_config_parse. More...

#include <switch_xml_config.h>

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Data Fields

const char * key
switch_xml_config_type_t type
int flags
void * ptr
const void * defaultvalue
void * data
switch_xml_config_callback_t function
const char * syntax
const char * helptext

Detailed Description

A configuration instruction read by switch_xml_config_parse.

Definition at line 101 of file switch_xml_config.h.

Field Documentation

void* switch_xml_config_item::data
const void* switch_xml_config_item::defaultvalue

Definition at line 106 of file switch_xml_config.h.

Referenced by switch_xml_config_parse_event().

int switch_xml_config_item::flags

Definition at line 104 of file switch_xml_config.h.

switch_xml_config_callback_t switch_xml_config_item::function
const char* switch_xml_config_item::helptext

Definition at line 110 of file switch_xml_config.h.

const char* switch_xml_config_item::key
void* switch_xml_config_item::ptr
const char* switch_xml_config_item::syntax

Definition at line 109 of file switch_xml_config.h.

switch_xml_config_type_t switch_xml_config_item::type

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