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switch_stun.c File Reference
#include <switch.h>
#include <switch_stun.h>
#include <openssl/sha.h>
#include <openssl/hmac.h>
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Data Structures

struct  value_mapping


static void v6_xor (uint8_t *addr, const uint8_t *transaction_id)
void switch_stun_random_string (char *buf, uint16_t len, char *set)
 Writes random characters into a buffer. More...
switch_stun_packet_tswitch_stun_packet_parse (uint8_t *buf, uint32_t len)
 Prepare a raw packet for parsing. More...
const char * switch_stun_value_to_name (int32_t type, uint32_t value)
 Obtain a printable string form of a given value. More...
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_get_mapped_address (switch_stun_packet_attribute_t *attribute, char *ipstr, switch_size_t iplen, uint16_t *port)
 Extract a mapped address (IP:PORT) from a packet attribute. More...
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_get_xor_mapped_address (switch_stun_packet_attribute_t *attribute, switch_stun_packet_header_t *header, char *ipstr, switch_size_t iplen, uint16_t *port)
char * switch_stun_packet_attribute_get_username (switch_stun_packet_attribute_t *attribute, char *username, uint16_t len)
 Extract a username from a packet attribute. More...
switch_stun_packet_tswitch_stun_packet_build_header (switch_stun_message_t type, char *id, uint8_t *buf)
 Prepare a new outbound packet of a certian type and id. More...
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_binded_address (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, char *ipstr, uint16_t port, int family)
 Add a binded address packet attribute. More...
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_xor_binded_address (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, char *ipstr, uint16_t port, int family)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_priority (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, uint32_t priority)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_integrity (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, const char *pass)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_fingerprint (switch_stun_packet_t *packet)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_use_candidate (switch_stun_packet_t *packet)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_controlling (switch_stun_packet_t *packet)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_controlled (switch_stun_packet_t *packet)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_username (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, char *username, uint16_t ulen)
 Add a username packet attribute. More...
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_software (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, char *software, uint16_t ulen)
uint8_t switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_password (switch_stun_packet_t *packet, char *password, uint16_t ulen)
char * switch_stun_host_lookup (const char *host, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_stun_lookup (char **ip, switch_port_t *port, char *stunip, switch_port_t stunport, char **err, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
 Perform a stun lookup. More...
uint32_t switch_crc32_8bytes (const void *data, size_t length)


static const struct value_mapping PACKET_TYPES []
static const struct value_mapping ATTR_TYPES []
static const struct value_mapping ERROR_TYPES []
const uint32_t crc32Lookup [8][256]
 look-up table, already defined in line 18 More...

Function Documentation

static void v6_xor ( uint8_t *  addr,
const uint8_t *  transaction_id 

Definition at line 110 of file switch_stun.c.

Referenced by switch_stun_packet_attribute_add_xor_binded_address(), and switch_stun_packet_attribute_get_xor_mapped_address().

111 {
112  int i;
114  addr[0] ^= 0x21;
115  addr[1] ^= 0x12;
116  addr[2] ^= 0xa4;
117  addr[3] ^= 0x42;
119  for (i = 0; i < 12; i++) {
120  addr[i + 4] ^= transaction_id[i];
121  }
122 }

Variable Documentation

const struct value_mapping ATTR_TYPES[]

Definition at line 61 of file switch_stun.c.

Referenced by switch_stun_value_to_name().

const uint32_t crc32Lookup[8][256]

look-up table, already defined in line 18

Definition at line 849 of file switch_stun.c.

Referenced by switch_crc32_8bytes().

const struct value_mapping ERROR_TYPES[]
const struct value_mapping PACKET_TYPES[]
Initial value:
= {
{0, 0}

Definition at line 44 of file switch_stun.c.

Referenced by switch_stun_value_to_name().