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switch_version.c File Reference
#include <switch.h>
#include <switch_version.h>
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const char * switch_version_major (void)
const char * switch_version_minor (void)
const char * switch_version_micro (void)
const char * switch_version_revision (void)
const char * switch_version_revision_human (void)
const char * switch_version_full (void)
const char * switch_version_full_human (void)


const char * switch_version_major_str = SWITCH_VERSION_MAJOR
const char * switch_version_minor_str = SWITCH_VERSION_MINOR
const char * switch_version_micro_str = SWITCH_VERSION_MICRO
const char * switch_version_revision_str = SWITCH_VERSION_REVISION
const char * switch_version_revision_human_str = SWITCH_VERSION_REVISION_HUMAN
const char * switch_version_full_str = SWITCH_VERSION_FULL
const char * switch_version_full_human_str = SWITCH_VERSION_FULL_HUMAN

Function Documentation

const char* switch_version_full ( void  )

Definition at line 53 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_full_str.

Referenced by main(), send_heartbeat(), and switch_core_init_and_modload().

const char * switch_version_full_str
const char* switch_version_full_human ( void  )

Definition at line 54 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_full_human_str.

const char * switch_version_full_human_str
const char* switch_version_major ( void  )

Definition at line 47 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_major_str.

const char * switch_version_major_str
const char* switch_version_micro ( void  )

Definition at line 49 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_micro_str.

const char * switch_version_micro_str
const char* switch_version_minor ( void  )

Definition at line 48 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_minor_str.

const char * switch_version_minor_str
const char* switch_version_revision ( void  )

Definition at line 51 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_revision_str.

const char * switch_version_revision_str
const char* switch_version_revision_human ( void  )

Definition at line 52 of file switch_version.c.

References switch_version_revision_human_str.

Referenced by ice_out(), main(), and switch_core_init_and_modload().

const char * switch_version_revision_human_str

Variable Documentation

const char* switch_version_full_human_str = SWITCH_VERSION_FULL_HUMAN

Definition at line 45 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_full_human().

const char* switch_version_full_str = SWITCH_VERSION_FULL

Definition at line 44 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_full().

const char* switch_version_major_str = SWITCH_VERSION_MAJOR

Definition at line 39 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_major().

const char* switch_version_micro_str = SWITCH_VERSION_MICRO

Definition at line 41 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_micro().

const char* switch_version_minor_str = SWITCH_VERSION_MINOR

Definition at line 40 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_minor().

const char* switch_version_revision_human_str = SWITCH_VERSION_REVISION_HUMAN

Definition at line 43 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_revision_human().

const char* switch_version_revision_str = SWITCH_VERSION_REVISION

Definition at line 42 of file switch_version.c.

Referenced by switch_version_revision().