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switch_apr.c File Reference
#include <switch.h>
#include <switch_private.h>
#include "private/switch_core_pvt.h"
#include <apr.h>
#include <apr_atomic.h>
#include <apr_pools.h>
#include <apr_hash.h>
#include <apr_network_io.h>
#include <apr_errno.h>
#include <apr_thread_proc.h>
#include <apr_portable.h>
#include <apr_thread_mutex.h>
#include <apr_thread_cond.h>
#include <apr_thread_rwlock.h>
#include <apr_file_io.h>
#include <apr_poll.h>
#include <apr_strings.h>
#include <apr_want.h>
#include <apr_file_info.h>
#include <apr_fnmatch.h>
#include <apr_tables.h>
#include <apr_lib.h>
#include <apr_queue.h>
#include <apr_uuid.h>
#include <apr_md5.h>
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Data Structures

struct  switch_dir
struct  apr_threadattr_t




int switch_status_is_timeup (int status)
switch_thread_id_t switch_thread_self (void)
int switch_thread_equal (switch_thread_id_t tid1, switch_thread_id_t tid2)
 Compare two thread ids. More...
unsigned int switch_ci_hashfunc_default (const char *char_key, switch_ssize_t *klen)
unsigned int switch_hashfunc_default (const char *key, switch_ssize_t *klen)
switch_status_t switch_strftime (char *s, switch_size_t *retsize, switch_size_t max, const char *format, switch_time_exp_t *tm)
switch_status_t switch_strftime_nocheck (char *s, switch_size_t *retsize, switch_size_t max, const char *format, switch_time_exp_t *tm)
int switch_snprintf (char *buf, switch_size_t len, const char *format,...)
int switch_vsnprintf (char *buf, switch_size_t len, const char *format, va_list ap)
char * switch_copy_string (char *dst, const char *src, switch_size_t dst_size)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_create (switch_thread_rwlock_t **rwlock, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_destroy (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_memory_pool_tswitch_thread_rwlock_pool_get (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_rdlock (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_tryrdlock (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_wrlock (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_trywrlock (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_trywrlock_timeout (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock, int timeout)
switch_status_t switch_thread_rwlock_unlock (switch_thread_rwlock_t *rwlock)
switch_status_t switch_mutex_init (switch_mutex_t **lock, unsigned int flags, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_mutex_destroy (switch_mutex_t *lock)
switch_status_t switch_mutex_lock (switch_mutex_t *lock)
switch_status_t switch_mutex_unlock (switch_mutex_t *lock)
switch_status_t switch_mutex_trylock (switch_mutex_t *lock)
switch_time_t switch_time_now (void)
switch_status_t switch_time_exp_gmt_get (switch_time_t *result, switch_time_exp_t *input)
switch_status_t switch_time_exp_get (switch_time_t *result, switch_time_exp_t *input)
switch_status_t switch_time_exp_lt (switch_time_exp_t *result, switch_time_t input)
switch_status_t switch_time_exp_tz (switch_time_exp_t *result, switch_time_t input, switch_int32_t offs)
switch_status_t switch_time_exp_gmt (switch_time_exp_t *result, switch_time_t input)
switch_status_t switch_rfc822_date (char *date_str, switch_time_t t)
switch_time_t switch_time_make (switch_time_t sec, int32_t usec)
switch_status_t switch_thread_cond_create (switch_thread_cond_t **cond, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_thread_cond_wait (switch_thread_cond_t *cond, switch_mutex_t *mutex)
switch_status_t switch_thread_cond_timedwait (switch_thread_cond_t *cond, switch_mutex_t *mutex, switch_interval_time_t timeout)
switch_status_t switch_thread_cond_signal (switch_thread_cond_t *cond)
switch_status_t switch_thread_cond_broadcast (switch_thread_cond_t *cond)
switch_status_t switch_thread_cond_destroy (switch_thread_cond_t *cond)
switch_status_t switch_file_open (switch_file_t **newf, const char *fname, int32_t flag, switch_fileperms_t perm, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_seek (switch_file_t *thefile, switch_seek_where_t where, int64_t *offset)
switch_status_t switch_file_copy (const char *from_path, const char *to_path, switch_fileperms_t perms, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_close (switch_file_t *thefile)
switch_status_t switch_file_trunc (switch_file_t *thefile, int64_t offset)
switch_status_t switch_file_lock (switch_file_t *thefile, int type)
switch_status_t switch_file_rename (const char *from_path, const char *to_path, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_remove (const char *path, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_read (switch_file_t *thefile, void *buf, switch_size_t *nbytes)
switch_status_t switch_file_write (switch_file_t *thefile, const void *buf, switch_size_t *nbytes)
int switch_file_printf (switch_file_t *thefile, const char *format,...)
switch_status_t switch_file_mktemp (switch_file_t **thefile, char *templ, int32_t flags, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_size_t switch_file_get_size (switch_file_t *thefile)
switch_status_t switch_directory_exists (const char *dirname, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_exists (const char *filename, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_dir_make (const char *path, switch_fileperms_t perm, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_dir_make_recursive (const char *path, switch_fileperms_t perm, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_dir_open (switch_dir_t **new_dir, const char *dirname, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_dir_close (switch_dir_t *thedir)
uint32_t switch_dir_count (switch_dir_t *thedir)
const char * switch_dir_next_file (switch_dir_t *thedir, char *buf, switch_size_t len)
switch_status_t switch_threadattr_create (switch_threadattr_t **new_attr, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_threadattr_detach_set (switch_threadattr_t *attr, int32_t on)
switch_status_t switch_threadattr_stacksize_set (switch_threadattr_t *attr, switch_size_t stacksize)
switch_status_t switch_threadattr_priority_set (switch_threadattr_t *attr, switch_thread_priority_t priority)
switch_status_t switch_thread_create (switch_thread_t **new_thread, switch_threadattr_t *attr, switch_thread_start_t func, void *data, switch_memory_pool_t *cont)
switch_interval_time_t switch_interval_time_from_timeval (struct timeval *tvp)
switch_status_t switch_os_sock_get (switch_os_socket_t *thesock, switch_socket_t *sock)
switch_status_t switch_os_sock_put (switch_socket_t **sock, switch_os_socket_t *thesock, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_socket_addr_get (switch_sockaddr_t **sa, switch_bool_t remote, switch_socket_t *sock)
switch_status_t switch_socket_create (switch_socket_t **new_sock, int family, int type, int protocol, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_socket_shutdown (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_shutdown_how_e how)
switch_status_t switch_socket_close (switch_socket_t *sock)
switch_status_t switch_socket_bind (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_sockaddr_t *sa)
switch_status_t switch_socket_listen (switch_socket_t *sock, int32_t backlog)
switch_status_t switch_socket_accept (switch_socket_t **new_sock, switch_socket_t *sock, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_socket_connect (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_sockaddr_t *sa)
switch_status_t switch_socket_send (switch_socket_t *sock, const char *buf, switch_size_t *len)
switch_status_t switch_socket_send_nonblock (switch_socket_t *sock, const char *buf, switch_size_t *len)
switch_status_t switch_socket_sendto (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_sockaddr_t *where, int32_t flags, const char *buf, switch_size_t *len)
switch_status_t switch_socket_recv (switch_socket_t *sock, char *buf, switch_size_t *len)
switch_status_t switch_sockaddr_create (switch_sockaddr_t **sa, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_sockaddr_info_get (switch_sockaddr_t **sa, const char *hostname, int32_t family, switch_port_t port, int32_t flags, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_socket_opt_set (switch_socket_t *sock, int32_t opt, int32_t on)
switch_status_t switch_socket_timeout_set (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_interval_time_t t)
switch_status_t switch_sockaddr_ip_get (char **addr, switch_sockaddr_t *sa)
int switch_sockaddr_equal (const switch_sockaddr_t *sa1, const switch_sockaddr_t *sa2)
switch_status_t switch_mcast_join (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_sockaddr_t *join, switch_sockaddr_t *iface, switch_sockaddr_t *source)
switch_status_t switch_mcast_hops (switch_socket_t *sock, uint8_t ttl)
switch_status_t switch_mcast_loopback (switch_socket_t *sock, uint8_t opt)
switch_status_t switch_mcast_interface (switch_socket_t *sock, switch_sockaddr_t *iface)
const char * switch_get_addr (char *buf, switch_size_t len, switch_sockaddr_t *in)
int switch_socket_fd_get (switch_socket_t *sock)
uint16_t switch_sockaddr_get_port (switch_sockaddr_t *sa)
int32_t switch_sockaddr_get_family (switch_sockaddr_t *sa)
switch_status_t switch_getnameinfo (char **hostname, switch_sockaddr_t *sa, int32_t flags)
switch_status_t switch_socket_atmark (switch_socket_t *sock, int *atmark)
switch_status_t switch_socket_recvfrom (switch_sockaddr_t *from, switch_socket_t *sock, int32_t flags, char *buf, size_t *len)
switch_status_t switch_pollset_create (switch_pollset_t **pollset, uint32_t size, switch_memory_pool_t *pool, uint32_t flags)
switch_status_t switch_pollset_add (switch_pollset_t *pollset, const switch_pollfd_t *descriptor)
switch_status_t switch_pollset_remove (switch_pollset_t *pollset, const switch_pollfd_t *descriptor)
switch_status_t switch_socket_create_pollfd (switch_pollfd_t **pollfd, switch_socket_t *sock, int16_t flags, void *client_data, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
 Create a pollfd out of a socket. More...
switch_status_t switch_pollset_poll (switch_pollset_t *pollset, switch_interval_time_t timeout, int32_t *num, const switch_pollfd_t **descriptors)
switch_status_t switch_poll (switch_pollfd_t *aprset, int32_t numsock, int32_t *nsds, switch_interval_time_t timeout)
switch_status_t switch_socket_create_pollset (switch_pollfd_t **poll, switch_socket_t *sock, int16_t flags, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
 Create a set of file descriptors to poll from a socket. More...
void switch_uuid_format (char *buffer, const switch_uuid_t *uuid)
void switch_uuid_get (switch_uuid_t *uuid)
switch_status_t switch_uuid_parse (switch_uuid_t *uuid, const char *uuid_str)
switch_status_t switch_md5 (unsigned char digest[SWITCH_MD5_DIGESTSIZE], const void *input, switch_size_t inputLen)
switch_status_t switch_md5_string (char digest_str[SWITCH_MD5_DIGEST_STRING_SIZE], const void *input, switch_size_t inputLen)
switch_status_t switch_queue_create (switch_queue_t **queue, unsigned int queue_capacity, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
unsigned int switch_queue_size (switch_queue_t *queue)
switch_status_t switch_queue_pop (switch_queue_t *queue, void **data)
switch_status_t switch_queue_pop_timeout (switch_queue_t *queue, void **data, switch_interval_time_t timeout)
switch_status_t switch_queue_push (switch_queue_t *queue, void *data)
switch_status_t switch_queue_trypop (switch_queue_t *queue, void **data)
switch_status_t switch_queue_interrupt_all (switch_queue_t *queue)
switch_status_t switch_queue_term (switch_queue_t *queue)
switch_status_t switch_queue_trypush (switch_queue_t *queue, void *data)
int switch_vasprintf (char **ret, const char *fmt, va_list ap)
switch_status_t switch_match_glob (const char *pattern, switch_array_header_t **result, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_pipe_create (switch_file_t **in, switch_file_t **out, switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
switch_status_t switch_file_pipe_timeout_get (switch_file_t *thepipe, switch_interval_time_t *timeout)
switch_status_t switch_file_pipe_timeout_set (switch_file_t *thepipe, switch_interval_time_t timeout)
switch_status_t switch_thread_exit (switch_thread_t *thd, switch_status_t retval)
switch_status_t switch_thread_join (switch_status_t *retval, switch_thread_t *thd)
switch_status_t switch_atomic_init (switch_memory_pool_t *pool)
uint32_t switch_atomic_read (volatile switch_atomic_t *mem)
void switch_atomic_set (volatile switch_atomic_t *mem, uint32_t val)
void switch_atomic_add (volatile switch_atomic_t *mem, uint32_t val)
void switch_atomic_inc (volatile switch_atomic_t *mem)
int switch_atomic_dec (volatile switch_atomic_t *mem)
char * switch_strerror (switch_status_t statcode, char *buf, switch_size_t bufsize)


static char TT_KEY [] = "1"

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 55 of file switch_apr.c.


Definition at line 56 of file switch_apr.c.

Function Documentation

char* switch_copy_string ( char *  dst,
const char *  src,
switch_size_t  dst_size 

Definition at line 199 of file switch_apr.c.

Referenced by switch_dir_next_file().

200 {
201  if (!dst)
202  return NULL;
203  if (!src) {
204  *dst = '\0';
205  return dst;
206  }
207  return apr_cpystrn(dst, src, dst_size);
208 }
int switch_snprintf ( char *  buf,
switch_size_t  len,
const char *  format,

Definition at line 184 of file switch_apr.c.

Referenced by switch_md5_string().

185 {
186  va_list ap;
187  int ret;
188  va_start(ap, format);
189  ret = apr_vsnprintf(buf, len, format, ap);
190  va_end(ap);
191  return ret;
192 }
switch_byte_t switch_byte_t * buf
int switch_status_is_timeup ( int  status)

Definition at line 72 of file switch_apr.c.

Referenced by switch_core_session_thread_pool_worker().

73 {
74  return APR_STATUS_IS_TIMEUP(status);
75 }
int switch_thread_equal ( switch_thread_id_t  tid1,
switch_thread_id_t  tid2 

Compare two thread ids.

tid11st Thread ID to compare
tid22nd Thread ID to compare

Definition at line 88 of file switch_apr.c.

Referenced by switch_core_session_in_thread(), and switch_core_session_in_video_thread().

89 {
90 #ifdef WIN32
91  return (tid1 == tid2);
92 #else
93  return apr_os_thread_equal(tid1, tid2);
94 #endif
96 }
switch_thread_id_t switch_thread_self ( void  )
int switch_vasprintf ( char **  ret,
const char *  fmt,
va_list  ap 

Definition at line 1166 of file switch_apr.c.

References buf, and buflen.

Referenced by switch_file_printf().

1167 {
1168 #ifdef HAVE_VASPRINTF
1169  return vasprintf(ret, fmt, ap);
1170 #else
1171  char *buf;
1172  int len;
1173  size_t buflen;
1174  va_list ap2;
1175  char *tmp = NULL;
1177 #ifdef _MSC_VER
1178 #if _MSC_VER >= 1500
1179  /* hack for incorrect assumption in msvc header files for code analysis */
1180  __analysis_assume(tmp);
1181 #endif
1182  ap2 = ap;
1183 #else
1184  va_copy(ap2, ap);
1185 #endif
1187  len = vsnprintf(tmp, 0, fmt, ap2);
1189  if (len > 0 && (buf = malloc((buflen = (size_t) (len + 1)))) != NULL) {
1190  len = vsnprintf(buf, buflen, fmt, ap);
1191  *ret = buf;
1192  } else {
1193  *ret = NULL;
1194  len = -1;
1195  }
1197  va_end(ap2);
1198  return len;
1199 #endif
1200 }
switch_byte_t switch_byte_t * buf
switch_byte_t switch_byte_t uint32_t buflen

Variable Documentation

char TT_KEY[] = "1"

Definition at line 673 of file switch_apr.c.

Referenced by switch_thread_create().